Saturday, March 22, 2014

Too Many Beginnings!

I've been looking around my living room (a bonafide mess, I assure you) and I'm seeing projects everywhere.

In a box, there's some Hexipuffs and the Once Upon a Time Sampler (neatly folded, mind you) awaiting it's next clue.

In another box, there is all of the yarn for a certain little girl's afghan 
as well as the 80% of it that is done.

Oh yes and MORE stitching!

I have a 12 Days of Christmas Sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery started.

And did I mention that Past, Present, & Forever has returned?

Yes, it has. 
If you have this kit and want to stitch along with us we're using the hashtag #CinderellasCastleStitchalong on Instagram!

There is also a bag of yarn set aside for a baby blanket (baby is due in May), as well as several balls in a box for a few knit lovelies for a baby girl due soon! 

I think I'm going to start that today, as that baby is rapidly approaching her arrival. With the rest of it, I don't know how to prioritize!

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