Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ravellenic Games Update 3

We've had a touch of winter weather. It started beautifully, there was gorgeous fluffy snow (I say this because it looked gorgeous and fluffy, not because I had any inclination to go out in it) and it was sticking. I watched, smiling a little, thinking I'd get to sleep in because it would be another snow day. I watched the Olympics, knit for a while on Dorothy, and relaxed.

I finished a dozen more repeats on the edging (Yep, the one I expected to have finished Monday night) and suddenly started hearing the sound of running water. I turned my head and the disappointment washed over me as the torrential rain washed away all of the beautiful snow. And with the snow went my dreams of sleep. 

Let's not discuss the fact that had it been a snow day, I'd have another kid in the house making noise anyway. Or the fact that the kids really don't need another snow day (Aidan has a four-day weekend already).  Of course instead of doing the logical thing and immediately going to bed, I opted to watch a movie and keep knitting anyway.

Around 2:30 I finally started yawning and dragged myself upstairs. I only have a bit more on the edging to go (13 more repeats) and maybe, just maybe, today I'll get to start the body of this beautiful beast!

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