Friday, February 14, 2014

It Happened Last Night... [Ravellenic Games Update 4]

Firstly, let me wish you Happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate that sort of thing.

Secondly, last night I not only finished the edging of doom, but I stepped it up. I picked up the near-300 stitches along the edge. The edge that insisted on twisting and making that difficult throughout the whole ordeal. Glad that's over with. And before going to bed, I even knit the next few rows of the pattern.

From here on this shawl should move at a steady click. Should. Then again these things like to toy with my emotions.

I still have yarn to spin for the games too. I'll probably knock one of the spinning projects this weekend when I need a break from knitting. It's nice to have a relief pitcher!

I realized, wonderful readers of this small blog, I never explained the Games and what it is I'm doing! (Did I? I think I just jumped into my goals)

Every Olympic Season, be it Summer or Winter, knitters spinners and crocheters everywhere begin training. Training entails gathering tools, project selection, and swatching. During the Opening Ceremonies we all begin at once, challenging ourselves to finish our chosen projects by the time flame is extinguished and the games are over.

It's 16 days of crafting at breakneck speed. In the end you enter your projects for consideration for medals, by which we mean little stickers on our project page on Ravelry.

This is my first year, but it's super motivating, and I love it!

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