Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Participated In The 2013 WestKnit MKAL and All I Got Was...

This Shawl.

Things I Like:

  • Getting to pick and use three colors, much like Earth & Sky
  • The sense of community in participating in the mystery Knit-Along
  • The colors, oh wait, I said that?

Things I don't Like:

  • While I understand the use of the ginormous yarnovers, it does create a drafty feeling in an otherwise warm shawl.
  • The bizarre "triangular" shape. Yes, it IS a triangle, but it's not as wearable as traditional triangular shawls, at least to my taste.
  • Nothing really went together to me, the eyelets in the garter-stitch, the stripes in one place but then not shown again anywhere else, and I love most WestKnits Shawls for their symmetry. 


I understand this is a mystery Knit-along, you can't know what you're getting into and too bad for me being disappointed. To that I say this; I may not like it but I'm entitled to that opinion. I bought the pattern, knit it, and stuck it out for all four weeks. I created the shawl, I'm not ripping it out, or screaming foul play. I simply don't like it.

Sorry Stephen!

On the bright side, my three-year-old has a new Lovey in her favorite colors!

I've done all three of The Mystery KAL's by WestKnits, but I've decided this was my last. So long and thanks for all the fish!

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  1. For my husband and kids who have watched me knit this from the start the mystery was never solved. They keep asking me what it is. I had a great time knitting it and thanks so much for giving me the info. You got me into my first mystery KAL and I loved it!