Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On the Move... Again!

Well, the Coast Guard has issued our orders for Summer 2013! We are driving back across the country from Portland OR, back to Cape May NJ! I'm super excited to be near family, and love the idea of another roadtrip (we'll have air conditioning in the car this time! Yay!) but it also means a lot of preparation. This time we have a house full of belongings to move instead of two rooms worth!

I'm also on a knitting kick to get some projects out of the way before the trip. I've been knitting lots of baby goodies for a dear friend who's expecting a little boy this Summer. He's going to be wrapped in stitches of love.

A Newborn Sweater, knit in Blue Moon STR Lightweight, colorway is Alina, with ribbing done in KnitPicks Stroll colorway Golden Glow.

To match, Saartje's Bootees, two pairs! Same yarn, with beautiful little blue buttons :)

And in process, a hat knit up of the remainder of these yarns (not pictured) and a baby blanket I started before we knew the gender! 
I opted to use the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern. The yarn is Impeccable available at Michaels. Normally I avoid acrylics, having been spoiled by natural materials, but with babies washability is just as important as softness. I must say for acrylic yarn, Impeccable is super squishy and I've been happy to work with it! Not to mention how much fun miles of garter stitch is, it's awesome TV knitting :)

I have a few other projects to share, but you'll just have to wait!

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  1. I'm kinda jealous you get to go back to NJ! :P I miss it. :(

    Those booties are SO CUTE. I love the colorway. I really want to start knitting again now.