Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Hulabaloo

Tonight is super-special.

Tonight, I'm going to a midnight showing of The Hobbit, with my friend who has come to be like my sister. It's markedly more special because it's our last shebang of the year! After the movie, roughly 4AM PST my husband is picking me up and we're going to the airport.

I'm flying home for Christmas, and I could not be more excited. The weeks, and days, and hours have dragged, and we're almost there!

I have no hurried holiday gift-making this year, instead I have "how much can I reasonably pack and work on, and even complete on 4 plane trips, the drive to and from Orlando from NJ, the drive to Northern PA and back to NJ, downtime in-between seeing family and friends, etc." It boiled down to something like this:

1 Partially completed pair of Cookie A.'s Twisted Flower socks

2 Pairs of not-yet-started socks

1 Double-Knit Tree of Gondor Scarf (just remembered I need to move a pattern to my iPad, STAT!)

2 Hats, one for a stylish bloke, one out of leftover cardigan yarn (yes, it's done, there will be pictures and details)

1 Stephen West geometric shawl, second time doing this pattern

1 Jared Flood, complicated fiddly shawl

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

I have the partially started socks, a yet-to-be-begun pair, and the geometric shawl set up in my lap bag for my flights tomorrow so we'll see how smoothly that goes!

I'm so giddy, I'll be home for Christmas!


  1. I love your Christmas list! I will only know mine in retrospect, as I'm constantly revising it as I progress!

    Enjoy your time on the east coast! I hope to see you at least once!

  2. omigosh! you have a ton on your plate. you're a wizard though. i'm sure you'll run out of yarn before you head home.