Thursday, August 2, 2012


Apologies for the lack of continued WIPs yesterday! We had technical difficulties...

We did get some things accomplished around the house though! My husband is getting ready to go away for training next week. He will be away for a week, and I'll be home with the kids. A few people ask me how I deal with separation, how I prepare for it, and how do I talk to the kids about it. I figured this would be a good week to touch on these topics!

Today I can tell you about preparation, because that's what mode I'm in!

This training stint is a short one so we're able to get most of our ducks in a row before he even leaves. I like to start by going grocery shopping, stocking up on quick-fix meals (Stauffers Lasagna, Chicken Nuggets, Frozen Pizza, but a nice variety) so I can spend more time with the kids and less distracted in the kitchen. My kids -Evelyn especially- are still small enough that they get into big problems when left unattended, and even get hurt.

Next I plan out all of my meals for the period of time Kevin will be away. By planning out this, I can just glance at my meal schedule and pull out what I need, no thinking needed! Like I said, this is easy to do for a week, but when he goes away for longer periods of time things are very different. A meal plan for 3-6 weeks would be too structured, even for me!

After the food part, extreme Laundry mode commences! We start by washing all of the clothes that will be going with my husband. Uniforms get special attention, updating patches, pressing seams, and shining boots. After that, every piece of clothing in the house gets cleaned. This way I always have something clean on hand during the day (which in a perfect world would be the case anyway, but I'm no perfect housewife) in case of "accidents".

I then like to plan out activities for the kids. By knowing the plan each morning I can map out their day for them when they get up and it gets them excited. They miss their Dad, but the anticipation distracts them a bit. We go for walks, draw with sidewalk chalk, go to the park, walk the mall, have marathon coloring book days, & loads more! All in all, it's about distraction. At night we can Skype with Daddy when he's training, when he's on boats this is far less likely. The kids get to to tell him about their day and say their goodnights.

Lastly, a whirlwind of maintenance takes place. The lawn gets mowed, grill cleaned, trash cans hosed out. We also take the cars in for brakes checks and oil changes.Time is requested off from work, paying a sitter isn't worth the trouble when I just work in retail. Plus, I like the quality time with them!

And that's getting ready, at least on the practical side, emotionally is a bit tougher. Fortunately, this is a brief trip, so the heart won't ache too terribly!

Hope this was interesting and/or helpful!


  1. awwwies! sounds like you have things under control. when you figure in sleeping, a week is like 2 days, really. you've got this!

  2. You are so on top of your game it puts me to shame!