Sunday, August 5, 2012

Evolution of a Freddy

I began a fish yesterday! A fish with the sole purpose of keeping his little friend Aidan's head warm!

So I dug out some leftover Spud & Chloe Sweater, from Evey's barnyard set...

and beginning with red "firecracker" lips casted on.

Not long after the colors began to flow.

I used crayons to plan out my color pattern, but the width of the stripes were very much improvised. Balancing working the blue "Splash" in, while not making it look like the base color was tricky, but ultimately it all played out okay.

He's nearly done, Aidan has named him Freddy and I can't wit to get some pictures of them playing together!


  1. i just started using ol' spud and chloe yarns. i effing love them. i can'y wait to see the finished fishie!

    1. I love how clean and crisp it is! I've just been having a little trouble weaving in ends so that they're invisible, but it still looks pretty sharp!