Monday, February 27, 2012

This Week.

I have a lot to look forward to!


Jenni is coming over to visit! We're on a mission to warm Evey up to her, there will be donuts, crayons, and playdough involved.


I'm expecting a phonecall to possibly change my life. Okay, the phonecall won't do that, but it should provide insight on a new path I'm contemplating.


Shelby is coming over to visit, she hasn't been over in two weeks, the kids are trying to tell Kevin and I to go out so they can just hang out with her. She's that cool.

and Friday

Dani is coming to visit with her lovely beau and we're grilling steaks and talking nerdy :D

I'm really, really, really excited!

On Knitting:

Remember the gnome mittens? Well I finished one, and they fell to the wayside. So I began the second mitten yesterday and it's a completely different size/feel than the first but I like it better. So I suppose it is now the first of the NEW IMPROVED GNOME MITTENS!

My mother wept, she doesn't think she'll ever have warm fingers at this rate >.<


  1. Busy, busy. I can't wait to hear about this mystery phone call!

  2. oof you ARE busy! Good luck with it all, though <3

  3. yeah, right? what is all this mystery?