Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've always been the girl who loved garage sales. I had so much fun when my parents had our own yard sales. The negotiations, the atmosphere, the exchanging of cash and watching your clutter walk away.

I kind of feel like going to thrift store gives me that same rush only I'm the buyer!

Today on a whim my husband wanted to go to Goodwill (6 months ago, you never would have heard that statement uttered by him, he's a convert now). So I went to check out some sweaters and books and he disappeared into housewares. I found a few Nora Robert's classics (don't judge me, they're my guilty pleasure) and went to look for him.

He had a box and was grinning from ear to ear.

$49.99 for a $200 Knife Set. Yup. Now to be fair, it has a flaw.

It's missing a knife. Not a huge deal, but this is still a significant improvement over the setup we have currently.

That knife block was $1.99 and has served us well. But my husband, being a chef, has been itching for some nicer steel.

Notice Anything?

There's no missing knife afterall!

Now my find was pretty neat too. I found a bag. A magical bag. A bag of great possibility. A bag that made said husband roll his eyes. A bag filled with this.

COOKIE CUTTERS! 70 Cookie cutters to be exact! I like metallic ones a lot better but this was a steal! I paid $6.99 for the entire bag! And there is some great variety!

An American Flag which I know will get LOTS of use!
LOADS of Christmas, predictably.
I think the bashful pig is for Valentine's Day

Fall/Halloween/ Thanksgiving
St. Patrick's Day!
Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Awesome for a game night!
Loony Tunes!
Raggedy Ann and Andy

Do you have any favorites?!


  1. Love the raggied ann n andy ones!!! I too love thrift stores, o the thrill of finding something uber cheap :)

  2. Ooooh! I love thrift stores and yard sales, too. You've got some great finds there. I had a really good day last August at an estate sale where I picked up a butt-load of yarn and zippers and ties for my purse making.

    But I think my funniest, favorite find was at a thrift store Evan and I went to. You remember that he and I always watch that 1960's vampire soap opera, Dark Shadows? We found a 45 rpm record of two instrumental pieces from the show. Its music that plays at the local bar, The Blue Whale, when the characters are dancing! So cool!

  3. OMIGOD! the squirrel and the pilgrim! too good!

  4. If only I had made such a find!!!! I'm big time jealous of all the fun cookies and art projects that can come of those. The Raggedy Ann and Andy ones are boss!

    1. I haven't even gotten to try those cookie-cutters out yet, so sad :( I want to make some pro sugar cookies for a neighbor this week though so they could make an appearance soon!