Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolution #1

I'm a soda drinker. I have been for years. I can't drink coffee, it hurts my stomach and I can't seem to acquire a taste. I've always envied coffee drinkers, it's such a part of society. People who don't have the nerves to ask someone to dinner or drinks ask "Want to get a coffee sometime?". I've never been asked this, but if I had, I'd have politely agreed and probably ordered a water. Or a Juice. Or a soda.

Starbucks? I get Hot Chocolate. Going to Knit Night at the coffee shop in (The late) Borders Books? Italian Sodas. I just never quite fit in. I'm much happier starting my day with a Vanilla Coke (my weakness) or a Dr. Pepper. When I was pregnant, I didn't crave crazy foods, or pickles, I craved Orange Soda something fierce.

As far as teas went, I'd never really gotten into them. I'd tried Iced Teas, Hot Teas, adding honey, adding sugar, even lemon. I just couldn't get it to a place where it didn't taste like water with a teeny bit of weird flavor. Then on a whim last summer I tried Snapple's Nectarine White Tea and I was stunned! I liked it! I liked it a lot!

It was my go-to drink whenever I went to a convenience store. Then I moved across country and I really haven't seen much of it anywhere. But I got my job at LUSH and we're one of the lucky malls that has a Teavana in it! I met my friend Evylyn, and she showed me a bunch of different teas that I'd never heard of, urging me to try them. And I LOVED THEM!!

So I'm a loose-leaf convert. I picked up a bunch of stuff today to finally get my resolution in order. What is it? To drink healthier. To cut out sodas (mostly) and energy drinks (completely). Grab a bottled water on my way out the door instead of a can. I'm hoping I can do it.

Anyone have a fruity tea they'd like to recommend?


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  2. It isn't fruity, but I love oolong tea. :P I haven't been drinking much tea lately, though, because it gives me indigestion & heartburn now. :/

    Is Snapple an East Coast thing?

    1. Nah, I just don't go into most of the convenience stores out here and they don't sell the Nectarine White Tea in bulk at the grocery stores :(

  3. I use to be the same way. But I cut out sodas almost ten years ago and I feel so much better now drinking water. Good luck!

  4. I'll keep my eye for exciting teas!!!!! Soda is horrible for you, you've made the right choice.

  5. My beautiful lady. You should have asked me personally for tea recs... that's what I do! I can also suggest some that you can order online, so tell me what sort of flavors you love and I can hook you up! And if you plan a vacation in the Denver area, we'll go to Celestial Seasonings and have a tea tasting, yes?


      Tastes like funfetti cake batter in the best way possible!,shop.product_details/flypage,tealuxe-flypage.tpl/product_id,680/category_id,4/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/vmcchk,1/

      Chocolate & Mint (tastes like a peppermint mocha)

      Energy and Awesomeness (my go-to tea)

      My favorite after-yoga, early morning, or mellow out latenight tea

    2. Yay!! Thank-you for the recs! <3 I'm really excited to try all of them but especially giddy for The Vanilla Green (Really really funfetti?!)And I love Peace Love Guacamole :D Maybe when I get some posts written again I can do a link-up to you!!