Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's New?

We got a kitten. Evelyn is obsessed with her fuzzy pink mittens. I cast on a scarf for a friend.

What's new with you?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've always been the girl who loved garage sales. I had so much fun when my parents had our own yard sales. The negotiations, the atmosphere, the exchanging of cash and watching your clutter walk away.

I kind of feel like going to thrift store gives me that same rush only I'm the buyer!

Today on a whim my husband wanted to go to Goodwill (6 months ago, you never would have heard that statement uttered by him, he's a convert now). So I went to check out some sweaters and books and he disappeared into housewares. I found a few Nora Robert's classics (don't judge me, they're my guilty pleasure) and went to look for him.

He had a box and was grinning from ear to ear.

$49.99 for a $200 Knife Set. Yup. Now to be fair, it has a flaw.

It's missing a knife. Not a huge deal, but this is still a significant improvement over the setup we have currently.

That knife block was $1.99 and has served us well. But my husband, being a chef, has been itching for some nicer steel.

Notice Anything?

There's no missing knife afterall!

Now my find was pretty neat too. I found a bag. A magical bag. A bag of great possibility. A bag that made said husband roll his eyes. A bag filled with this.

COOKIE CUTTERS! 70 Cookie cutters to be exact! I like metallic ones a lot better but this was a steal! I paid $6.99 for the entire bag! And there is some great variety!

An American Flag which I know will get LOTS of use!
LOADS of Christmas, predictably.
I think the bashful pig is for Valentine's Day

Fall/Halloween/ Thanksgiving
St. Patrick's Day!
Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Awesome for a game night!
Loony Tunes!
Raggedy Ann and Andy

Do you have any favorites?!

Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday : Chloe.

I have a lot to catch up on as far as all of my knitting! I'll start with one of my favorite Holiday projects.

Remember This?

Well it made A LOT of little characters for Evey's Christmas Playset! We had a barn, Spud, Chloe, a cow, a cat, a dog, a pig, a mother hen with four little chicks in eggshells, and three (not blind) mice! I still had some leftovers but was sort of unmotivated to keep making toys by that point, but more on that later...

My first project to tackle was Miss Chloe. She was going to set the tone for this entire undertaking. If she proved difficult, I knew the whole thing would be a giant headache. I was so pleasantly surprised!

Her head and torso were done in an hour and a half. Her little limbs flew off my needles. I was so pleased with the spead of all of it, I was beside myself.

After stitching all of her pieces together she looked like this. Evey found her in this state and declared her "Monkey!" and toted her all over the house. I was thrilled she liked her so early on! After retrieving Chloe and Evey went to bed I went back to work.

Next was the hair, her red hair. I didn't plan this, I didn't fall in love with Chloe because she is a fellow ginger (well maybe subconsciously I did), but I love that she is a spunky lil redhead! Her face had me so worried. I knew it could come out badly and make her look foolish but it worked out just right and I'm thrilled with the result!

All together and finished in two days. Evelyn loves her and calls her by name. She loves taking her little shoes off and attempting to put them back on. I love how Chloe turned out, and the rest of the farm, but you'll see those later :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolution #1

I'm a soda drinker. I have been for years. I can't drink coffee, it hurts my stomach and I can't seem to acquire a taste. I've always envied coffee drinkers, it's such a part of society. People who don't have the nerves to ask someone to dinner or drinks ask "Want to get a coffee sometime?". I've never been asked this, but if I had, I'd have politely agreed and probably ordered a water. Or a Juice. Or a soda.

Starbucks? I get Hot Chocolate. Going to Knit Night at the coffee shop in (The late) Borders Books? Italian Sodas. I just never quite fit in. I'm much happier starting my day with a Vanilla Coke (my weakness) or a Dr. Pepper. When I was pregnant, I didn't crave crazy foods, or pickles, I craved Orange Soda something fierce.

As far as teas went, I'd never really gotten into them. I'd tried Iced Teas, Hot Teas, adding honey, adding sugar, even lemon. I just couldn't get it to a place where it didn't taste like water with a teeny bit of weird flavor. Then on a whim last summer I tried Snapple's Nectarine White Tea and I was stunned! I liked it! I liked it a lot!

It was my go-to drink whenever I went to a convenience store. Then I moved across country and I really haven't seen much of it anywhere. But I got my job at LUSH and we're one of the lucky malls that has a Teavana in it! I met my friend Evylyn, and she showed me a bunch of different teas that I'd never heard of, urging me to try them. And I LOVED THEM!!

So I'm a loose-leaf convert. I picked up a bunch of stuff today to finally get my resolution in order. What is it? To drink healthier. To cut out sodas (mostly) and energy drinks (completely). Grab a bottled water on my way out the door instead of a can. I'm hoping I can do it.

Anyone have a fruity tea they'd like to recommend?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year

January starts as a whirlwind for me every year. Christmas has to be cleaned up, odds are I'm still finishing Christmas gift knitting, and New Year's Resolutions have already been broken. The most notable January event for me is my son's birthday!

On Sunday, my sweet little boy will turn 4. Aidan's birth changed my life for nothing but the better, it was a big turning point for me. I grew up a lot, changed a lot of my views that I had held steadfast to. I realized how childish I had been, and knew I didn't want to be that person anymore. I love my little family, my new life, my friends, and my hobbies.

I have Aidan to thank, and I do. Everyday.

Brand New And So Sweet

6 Months Old And Already So Happy!

My Little Phoenix.