Friday, March 18, 2011

Always Ready.

It's been a whirlwind of a week! We attended my husbands graduation a week ago and it was a beautiful day in Cape May, NJ.
My Husband marching with his company for one of the last times.
 Wrangling the kids for the ceremony was a challenge, the baby wasn't too keen on all of the yelling of orders and applause but we made it through. In the end we were so proud to congratulate our Guardian. He is a Seaman (And yes it IS hard to stifle the jokes) and left for Food Service -Culinary- School in Petaluma CA.
With our Daughter Evelyn.  

So as you can see there is a bit of color around my neck! That would be my Annis [Rav Link]. It took about 2 weeks on and off. I call it Semper Paratus [My Annis Rav Link] (Always Ready) which is the Coast Guard Mantra. It is knit out of Shimmer by KnitPicks which is a super soft Alpaca/Silk blend! I love the fiber and will probably use it again in the future. The pattern was a bit of a bear but I prefer Triangular shawls so it was neat to try something different by working from the lace in.

Blocking... I love this part!

The Short rows for the curve and stockinette are so ingenious! I thought they'd go quicker than they did but with the kids I have my fair share of interruptions. I also tried a new technique with this shawl. I experimented with Beading... 
A better shot of the curve at rest.

I love how the beads look but in the future I want to test placement on a swatch more before moving on to my projects. For this I placed them on the decreases that were flanked by yarnovers and I'm happy with the effect this time. I wish I had placed beads instead of using the nubbs though. 
 Closeup of the beading and 'nupps'

They look excellent but were tedious to knit up. Luckily I'm pretty comfortable with a crochet hook and used that to aid in purling the 7 stitches together. All in all I love how it came out, the colorway was Shallows and the blue looked excellent in the sunshine.

And for all the Coasties and family of, Semper Paratus <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Casting on.

It's Tuesday.

Tuesday has become my little taste of freedom in recent months. I get to get out of the house and hang out with wonderful knitters at our local chain bookstore for a few precious hours. On Tuesday I am generally motivated to photograph my projects that need them and get them posted on Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Tuesdays I also get to stress though. Typically about how my offspring are behaving for whichever poor soul has offered to watch them for me. Before January this poor soul was typically my husband, however, he has been in Basic Training for the US Coast Guard for the last 7 weeks. He graduates in a few days but will be leaving for California shortly after.  Since he began this endeavor, Tuesday nights are overseen by my father or brother or mother. I'm fortunate enough to live with them while my husband is training. They help with the kids and it cuts down my expenses so I might have some semblance of a savings account.

My son is three and my daughter will be one in May.  They keep me on my toes and are the only thing that can pull me from knitting from dawn til dusk. I do enjoy cooking though, and spend a fair amount of time playing World of Warcraft (or at least logging in to talk to friends while knitting).

In short, I haven't been knitting long but I feel like I found the one thing I excel at and I have fallen in love for life. From here on out you can follow my triumphs, my shortcomings, and my daily escapades here, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them!