Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Give Up.

Work wins. I love my job, I love this blog. I hate that work interferes with my blog. I need more discipline. But to start, I'll blend them. And I think you'll enjoy them!

Like most jobs in retail, we have a guideline for what to wear. Black & White with Closed toe shoes. Colors are fine in jewelry and accessories. Fun right?

In reality I don't wear white, I'd get messy and it shows all of my lingering baby weight. I also spend my shifts on my feet so heels are a nice dream, and maybe if I only wore them for short really short shifts. I paired them with products by LUSH that suit the feel of the look I'm going for!

Outfit 1: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Soft and delicate, lots of bows and girlie touches. The dusting powder is a soft jasmine and vanilla with softening cocoa powder in it, it makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. Especially those shoes, do you see those shoes? I love those shoes :)

Outfit 2: Flying Fox Shower Gel

Feminine but with a sexy flare! The heels take this look from innocent to va va voom! The flying fox is loaded with a sweet honey smell (from four different honeys in fact). But it also has a sexier, sultrier jasmine smell to it. It's irresistible.

Outfit 3: Miranda Soap

A comfortable fun outfit paired with a fresh fruity soap. I have a fantastic weakness for converses. I'm in love with them, I love them with shirts, pants, wedding dresses, and bikini tops with shorts. I LOVE them. Miranda is a kiwi and Citrus smell that is creamier instead of being overkill.

Outfit 4: R+B (Revive and Balance) Hair Moisturizer

Distinctly girly without being too grown up. My favorite shopping outift, I love the shoes, I think it's great. The polka dots with the hounds tooth ties in without being too much. R+B is a great go to hair product, it's got a great floral and jasmine smell, it soothes fly-aways, moisturizes dried out ends, nourishes frizz. I use it everyday.

Outfit 5: Bubble Gum, Sweet Lips, & Mint Julips LipScrubs

Comfy, fun, flirty, confident. It's an all black look, but when I wear all black, I feel tall, slender, powerful. I love this outift, I think it would be really flattering, and I NEED those boots! The lip scrubs are fun, but useful, tasty but still surprising. Mint Julips is my favorite, but the holiday flavor Pow Wow is fantastic and is made with (brace yourself) pop rocks!!!

I love my job, I love the personality I get to display. I get to wear my hand-kint shawlettes, work with some awesome people, and really feel appreciated by the company I represent. I'm going to make this work, working and blogging, and mommying and knitting, and finding time to eat bathe and sleep.