Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a LUSHious life!

Hey y'all! A while back I mentioned a job interview but kept it vague and never mentioned any details. I'm so comfortable in my workplace and the ethics of the company that I would love to start sharing yummy tidbits with you!

I got a fantastic job at LUSH!

Ok, it wasn't quite like this but you get the idea!

Now I have no intention of divulging anything that's deemed confidential, I signed an agreement and have every intention of honoring it, BUT as a long-time customer of LUSH even I don't know close to everything so I figure it would be lovely to share some stuff with all of you. It will help me learn and spread the word!
I don't think this is the store I've been working in, but it's the same setup!

In upcoming "LUSHious" posts you will learn more about the charities LUSH supports, the causes we take a stand on, products reviews and ingredients, and even clips of the manufacturing process. All of this is available to anyone on the internet but I hope that by sharing them in little bits, it's more approachable for the casual reader!

Lush Employees Taking a stand on the Tar Sands in Canada. Learn more @

Today I'll start you off slow, it's a juicy and fun video about the core values of LUSH. I may repeat some of these things in the future but it's a wonderful introduction to the brand. 

Thanks for joining me today!

Fresh, Handmade, from ethical sources that you can really believe in!
I've been learning the ropes at the store and it has severely cut into my time, but if I spend some of my blog-time researching work then it kind of becomes justifiable! Thanks for bearing with me in my absence <3


  1. Wow! I had no idea Lush was such a neat company. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

  2. i'm so jealous! I love YOUR job! <333

  3. So jealous you're working for Lush. I lovvve their stuff!


  4. Lovely Jubblies has done wonders under my eyes. I'm so glad you vouched for it that one time :)