Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In my haste

It's been a crazy month and I haven't chatted with y'all since the early days of it so let me tell you what's been going on!

Well, I've started working -and I love it!- and that's taken up a lot of my time. When I'm not working I'm trying to get as much time in with the kids as I can. And when I'm not working and they're asleep I'm trying to clean/ knit/ catch up on the blogs I read/ shower! It's a lot! And then on top of it, I've started more Christmas knitting...

My biggest undertaking? My daughter's gift. I purchased Spud & Chloe at the Farm by Susan B, Anderson a few weeks back with the intention of churning out a sheep here, a girl there, a picket fence over a few long weekends. Then someone asked the seemingly innocent question: "Oh! Are you making them for your daughter for Christmas?!" And that was the clincher. I bought all of the yarn I should need (in theory, but I suspect I'll have to order a few rogue skeins) while in NJ -We'll get to that story- and trudged it back to the West Coast with me.

I scored ALL of this at my most favoritest place in NJ! Home Made in Swainton. Julie, who owns it is a doll and goes out her way to help anyone who asks (or forgets what day of the week it is). There's yummy yarns, fantastic fabrics, and a superb studio space. Maybe you remember my post about the quilt-in-a-day class I did there? But moving on...

I've vowed not to knit anything obvious in front of the baby girl. She's pretty smart, and already loves to steal my knitting, heck, my transatlantic is half hers because I keep finding it in her room! I started with the barn, I figure it's committal once that part is complete. You can't give a 1-year old a toy barn with no animals after all. I think I can swing this. I really do, if nothing else it will be a fun story to share with all of you, how on December 22nd in the wee hours of the morning I was cursing and sobbing the words "Spuuuuuddddd, you motherless self-loathing piece of fluff!" No? Maybe just me then.

But back to the part where I was in NJ. I flew out of Portland to New Jersey on Thursday (the 13th) to spend a long weekend with my Mama (and some time with my Papa, Granmom, and some quality time with some lovely knitters <3). We drove up to Fishkill NY on Friday afternoon -stopping at the Garden State Plaza for some retail therapy- and checked into our hotel room. My husband did a great job booking the room and got us an extended stay sweet so it was fully loaded. And then we spent Saturday and part of Sunday at the happiest place on earth!

Handspun from my lovely friend WillyG!

Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool! Now, you have every right to be mad, I was so caught up in seeing WillyG, and Stephen West, and Jess Casey & Eloise, that I neglected to take any pictures... well, I took a few. But not too many bloggy ones. I DID however, score some great fibers to show you all!

Some better, more intimate, one on one shots:

From Blue Moon Fiber Arts we have Socks that Rock~
Hoofle Foofle


Atomic #6

And I couldn't wait to cast on this Hot Flamingo (okay, I lost the band and can't remember the exact name)

 We also picked up a sweater quantity for a sweater for my mom! Does my Mama knit? Nope! But She has a daughter that loves her very very much and found a pattern that calls for bulky yarn, so a sweater she will get. We carefully selected Gaea while we were there but couldn't find three skeins of the same color. So we settled...

One of these is not the same as the others, and I'm going to try like hell to make it hide as well in the sweater! (While keeping an eye out at my LYS for a third of the Midnight at the Oasis)

There was some Sanguine Gryphon, one of which found a happy home with my lovely friend Julia, the other came home to live with my other skein of Bugga!

We also came away with some dashing mini-skeins of Miss Babs! (Thanks Jeff for the heads up!)

Sorry it's been a while, I've been cheating on all of you... with wool!


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  1. GAHHHHHHHH! i miss your face already! i can't believe you're knitting the whole farm. and by christmas!