Thursday, October 27, 2011


I feel really bad about how I've neglected you all this month. Really really bad. It's haunting my dreams... I have all of these posts swimming around in my head, but I feel like I need to earn your trust again.

So I'm going to let you see something. Something in my house. Something embarrassing! Ready?

I was looking for a knitting needle I lost misplaced... and came across this. To the casual observer this is a mess. Really? It's things that people all over the house have been searching for (it's worth noting that my needle WAS NOT there...)

To account for everything-
1. A soda can. Okay, no one was lloking for this, it's just trash. I'm a slob. Moving on.

2. My autographed copy of At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I'm kind of stunned it was there.

3. Evey's not-autographed copy of Spot's Day at the Beach.

4. A Ball band from a skein of Noro Silk Garden.

5. Evey's copy of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- Come Count with Us! That we read no less than an hour ago. I think I'm seeing who's stashing things under furniture now.

6. An invoice from a doctor's office.

7. Evey's stuffed Blue (of Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon) further evidence of who's things end up in this particular abyss.

8. A Ball band from some KnitPick's Palette. Thankfully these bands were unnecessary being that I catalog everything on Ravelry pretty promptly after I acquire it.

9. A Yellow baby's sock. I'm convinced of the culprit.

10. The 2011 Ikea Catalog that Kevin couldn't find for the life of him yesterday.

11. A harddrive from my now-deceased laptop. No joke. It's under the couch.

12. A piece of Paton's Kroy FX sock yarn from making Hexipuffs.

I feel so much better getting that off of my chest!

Please tell me you have something dreadful under your couch/bed/tv cabinet too? I can't be the only one...



  1. ... you do not want to know what is under my bed... okay mostly it's mementos, but. There is still too much.

  2. under our couch there's probably enough cat hair to build another kitten.