Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's Wednesday so it is oddly fitting that I decide to update you on my favorite in-progress project today! See that? I'm thinking of you! Currently I am working on a few things. I just finished a Baby Sweater and Hat,which you'll see on Friday according to plan. I am also working on a ribbed moebius cowl for a friends class demo out of Madelinetosh Chunky in Grasshopper (Killer yarn!). In addition to these, I'm participation in a Knit-A-Long for Hosta on Thursdays, and my husbands' socks aren't progressing much. To be truthful,I've been sidetracked.

It's the puffs.

How can I resist?

 I knit one, and without thinking I'm casting on the next!

To be fair, I'm not the only one addicted. Hexipuff-mania is sweeping the knitting world! And why shouldn't they?! They're quick, portable, and (nearly) instantly gratifying!

Does this one look familiar? It's from my sailor scarf leftovers! These puffs are going to bust throught the tiny yardages of various yarns I have!

The idea is that you knit them, stuff them, and close them all over the period of a year (they're tiny so it's best not to think about the quantity). Then you stitch them all together at the corners and voila! You have a quilt, it's already stuffed and double-sided so there's no need for backing or to mess with batting!

You can make them as puffy (or flat, if you're that kind of person) as you want! Mine are super squishy so they look a little wonky all by themselves. When they're stitched up you'll see how cute they are!

I probably need 700+ puffs. I don't really mind. There's no deadline. This isn't a gift for anyone but me. I have thirteen done so far. I'm proud of each and every one!

But that yellow and cerulean one is my favorite. Don't tell the others that though.


  1. I haven't yet jumped into the pool of madness that is beekeeper's quilt. I really want to though. They just look so fun.

    Enjoy the puffiness!

  2. I got the pattern but haven't poofed yet! I love yours. And you sure have been busy!

  3. 13! i hate you. is still only have one. haha.

  4. This sounds like an interesting little project. I will have lots of single skeins from my massive stash blanket that I am close to finishing. Maybe I should think about making one of these beekeeper's quilts.