Monday, August 1, 2011

SS11: Swag

There is so much to say. I think I'll have to break this into a few posts which means more fun for you! Here is the Acquired yarn from this weekend, as requested by several people!

Colorways: Daffodilly, Pride, & Saffron Jungle.

Go ahead, wipe the drool off of your lap/ desk/ arm, I'll wait. Ready? Alright then. This is my purchase from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They are all Socks that Rock.  In order there is Lightweight, Mediumweight, and Heavy weight. The Saffron Jungle isn't for me though...

Those were my only purchases on Saturday, I got them my first time through the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Displays... I did however walk back through four more times on Saturday alone and demonstrated great willpower.
On Sunday I came home with these gems.

Holiday Yarns: Peach Sherbert- Little Red Bicycle: Beach Glass- Sanguine Gryphon: Sooty Dancer.
Too much at once? I'll slow down for you then...

This is Holiday Yarns' 'Flash Sock' in the colorway "Peach Sherbert". My plans for this? Socks for my daughter, I might be able to squeeze out two pairs of toddler-sized socks. What do you think?

This is 'Spark Lace' from Little Red Bicycle. The colorway is "Beach Glass" which reminds me of my best friend who collects Sea Glass. I love this yarn! The Stellina is so subtle that you almost miss it, the yardage is incredible at 870 yds for only $30. I don't like to talk prices, but that's a bargain!

And then there was my purchase from The Sanguine Gryphon. I wasn't going to do it at first, but then it was my last stop on Sunday, I really wanted something to take away from them. I succumbed and bought a skein of 'Bugga' in the colorway "Sooty Dancer". I think I'm going to treat myself with this one, after all the walking I deserve the 20% Cashmere in there!

Now I know what you're thinking already... 6 skeins? From a weekend of yarn shopping? Not so! Sunday morning, my husband accepted my invitation to join me and we even went to Happy Knits in Portland before heading to the Convention Center and I got some lovely things there. My husband, ever the good sport even treated (Thank-You Sweetie!).
That's my Happy Knits purchase! Now, I need a moment to tell you how cool it was to be there. I have shopped on Happy Knits online store in the past, they have the best Madelinetosh selection anywhere. I never really processed where their brick-and-mortar location was though! So when we found out the Coast Guard was moving us to Portland, imagine the glee that came over to me when I made the discovery I'd be in the same city as this great LYS! And now it is my LYS!

So some of you may know Happy Knits as the store that created the Flickr Pool for the Stephen West Mystery KAL that begins in a few hours. So I opted to buy my yarns for it from the source.

I went with the Fibre Co. Canopy in Quetzal, Orchid, & Tanager. Aren't they pretty? Quetzal will be my Color A, Tanager Color B, and Orchid is my Color C. Are you participating? What colors are you using?

I also had to pick up some Madelinetosh, look where I was! So I got the Tosh Lace in 'Tart' (above), and Tosh Sock  in 'Vermillion' (below). Maybe I'm going into a red phase?

Now I didn't leave with just my yarn, I left with the knowledge of a knitting group that meets on Tuesdays (!) and a goodie bag!
It's the cutest little project bag and a handy notebook, perfect for Happy Note-Taking!

I still haven't shown you the People I encountered, the other fiber I got, the tools I finally obtained, and that's only some of it! Stay tuned for a LOT more pictures!!


  1. It's all so beautiful! I especially like the "Seaglass" and the "Vermillion". You've really touch all points on the color wheel!

  2. Uhm I can have it all? It is all such great yarn. I am making a scrap kicking bag and every time I use my STR and Bugga scraps I think "this is the best yarn ever!". By the way I got 1 pair of short adult socks, a baby hat (that ribbed pixie hat that eats yarn) AND a few stripes of the kicking bag out of 1 skein of STR, it had a lot of yardage :-).

  3. so.much.yarn! haha. and a tuesday knitting group? score. you won't skip a beat!