Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SS11: Swag pt. 3

The conclusion of "The stuff" if you will. Devoted to the tools I picked up with the exception of the Amazing Trindle that you saw yesterday I offer you "Swag pt. 3".

My day started with the best of intentions, I was really reserved about spending money beyond my Blue Moon purchase. But the catalyst of my demise was expected as well. I knew ahead of time if I saw this I would have to get it, just one though. I wasn't going to over-do it, but I deserved this indulgence.

Yup, those are my new Signature DPNs, size 1 2.25mm, perfect for socks. I was at SOCK summit, I had to do it. I like my Harmony DPNs from KnitPicks well enough, but as my knitting improves I feel that some of my supplies should improve as well.
And look! Motivated from all of the amazing Sock Bliss, I was witnessing, the Signatures hopped into my long-neglected Java Socks and went right to work!

And while I was enjoying lovely company at the Little Red Bicycle booth, I spotted the perfect companion for my darling little green needles.

Aren't they charming? I'm a sucker for pink and green, I can't quite put my finger on it but it calls to me. These are Lizard Toe Stitch Markers and they're itty-bitty and perfect for sock knitting! I can't wait to try them out.

But in the interest of knitting on the go I searched high and low for a perfect project bag. One of the adorable drawstring ones that I could hang off my wrist while knitting in public (which I do quite often anymore, my husband has gotten used to playing my guide dog). And I found one! In the cutest fabric, from the nicest ladies at Stitchy McYarnpants!
Don't you love the chairs? I do! And the colors and the lining, which you can't see but is a deep purple and hasn't let a needle point through it yet.

I also visited Soak which was a sponsor of the event. I left my bottle of Unleash -the Ravelry Scent- in NJ on my parents' kitchen counter. My mom will be shipping it along, never fear, but in the meantime I picked up another bottle to be safe.
 I came away with a 14 oz. bottle of Lacey, their newest scent. I think it will be perfect for shawls I gift, and apparently it's well-liked because I bought the last bottle!

First, this is not for me. This screamed KnitXcore to me, so I'm spoiling the surprise here, but it will be in the mail sometime within the next week. It's a great little handmade chart keeper! If you pull the ribbon through the hole a few more inches it stands your pattern up too! And the gnomes... well, if you know him, you know why I chose the gnomes...

So those are the tools! All together my kitchen table looked like this on Sunday night!
I think I did pretty well!

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  1. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You're the best!!!! I love it :D (i couldn't help but giggle when I saw your entire haul all together! i hope you have a designated yarn closet!!!! haha.)