Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sock Summit: The People

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Sock Summit was the constant elbow bumping with Knitting Super-Stars!

I knew they'd be there but I expected 'Sightings' and very few of them. I was pleasantly surprised! If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know who I saw first...

See? This was two-for-one, Stephen was there too!
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Yes. Five minutes in the door, I nervously approached the registration tables. And there she was, answering a question. I stared, I'm not proud of that. I kinneared her.  She looked at me and I still stared. I mumbled about how surreal it was seeing her in person to which she replied "I'm alive, everyday..." I know she gets it all the time, but I was in awe.

It was just a year ago that I was introduced to her writing. I haven't been reading her blog for years, I'm fairly new to the whole knitting scene. The names are all fresh in my memory. But hers was the first that I felt akin to. Reading her books, I felt attached. I saw her several times on the marketplace floor. I should have documented that better.

I did ask her to sign my first book of hers later in the day.

I didn't stutter that time..

I played peek-a-boo with Stephen in the marketplace later on too! I saw Debbie running around a lot, although I know her better as @cockeye on twitter. I had a long conversation with Anna Zilboorg about the new trindle I had purchased, and she was very keen on getting one herself (another hands-were-shaking moment). I had a lesson in how to look for pooling patterns in a skein of yarn before you buy itfrom Miss Babs herself!!

In addition to my signing with Stephanie, I had two other signings that were my mission to make!

The wonderful Franklin Habit was perhaps my favorite Celeb! I had the hidden fortune of being last in his line so we were able to shoot the breeze for a while. He was a delight and I look forward to encountering him in the future! I only wish I had remembered to buy my copy of the Giovannina Stole while I was there. I did remember to get this though~

I was gushing about Franklin for days to anyone who asked how my weekend was. Maybe someday I'll meet Dolores!

My last mission of the day was to get to Cookie A.'s signing. I got there and handed my book to her. She sweetly asked if I knit socks and I told her I have. She asked if I had tried any of hers yet and I answered that I have Hedera on the needles at home.

She smiled and handed Knit.Sock.Love. back to me. I smiled back and walked away grinning. And then I realized I'd forgotten to get a picture. So I present you Cookie B.

I met Sarah walking around with my new friend Adam. After about twenty minutes of walking around I told Adam that all I had left to do that day was get my Cookie A book signed. Sarah piped up "Oh, I can do that for you!" Now let me be clear, I didn't know her name at this point, it was an almost automatic response by her, and Adam had a straight face. I fell for it until they started laughing. Apparently a lot of people had been mistaking her for Cookie all though the summit. Sarah does some designing herself though and you should check her out!

I am in awe of the people I met. I could not have dreamed that everyone would have been as sweet and approachable as they were. I saw Amy Singer giving Cat Bordhi bunny ears while she was signing books. The queen of Knitty and the Forensic Knitter in THE SAME MOMENT! It was almost an overload. I'm going to the next Sock Summit. I will register for classes. I will have another perfect weekend.