Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Cardigan

I mentioned to my husband last night that I was chilly. How I wished for a cardigan, but I only have some zip-up hoodies. My husband simply replied "Why don't you knit one?" Well, that's a loaded question.

The idea of garment knitting terrifies me. To put that much time into something that could go wrong in so many places, it's been preventing me from getting started on anything like that. I'll knit a shawl without hesitation. Socks? No problem. A sweater? Run for the hills.

But I thought about this, I had just purchased Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague before my move. It's a wonderful book, that has great patterns, and gently guides you through shaping (my biggest fear). The designs are adorable. I really want to try all of them, but I want to include my friends and readers in deciding which will be first.

You'll get to vote on which pattern, and at the end of the voting process, the color and yarn as well. Voting on the pattern will end on August 20th at 8PM PST.  I will take both this poll and a facebook poll into account. Please comment with which you'd be most excited to see, as I'll be posting throughout the journey of my first sweater for all of you to see!

Below are your options!

All photos are from Ysolda's Little Red in the City.

 1. Chickadee- I like the idea of some color work but I'm still hesitant to try it my first time out. Aren't the birdies cute though?!

2. Cria- I love this one, the shape is exactly what I was looking for. I'm just fearful that it would be boring to knit, with a little garter stitch and a LOT of Stockinette.

3. Laika- The lace throughout would be interesting but I'm not sure it's heavy enough to serve the purpos I want. Still, it would be a loved garment on warmer days too.

 4. Lauriel- I like the details of this one a lot. I'm not to keen on the length but I could probably adjust it easily enough.

Vote Away! I am seeking guidance, and it will be more fun if more people are involved. Happy Day!


  1. LAURIEL!!!! it's great! i love it.

  2. I like #2. You would look beautiful in all of them though.

  3. Lauriel! It has that retro vibe you rock so well. And it is fab and Robbie likes it too :-)