Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, I've been rather quiet lately, but not without results to share! (We'll get to those...) I've been settling into my new environment. I have a few new knitting groups, a lot of new friends, and it's a great way to learn about Portland! I also have a job interview next week -wish me luck!- for a position I would LOVE. My days typically start off with just me and my kiddos, and every afternoon not long after naptime begins, their Daddy comes home and when everyone is awake we either watch a family movie, or go explore the area, or take care of errands.

The best part? Lots of time to knit! I get my housework done while the kids are up and have uninterrupted time when they nap and then later when they sleep!

And here's what I have to show for it...

NOTE: If you are my mother, your Christmas Gift is below. Close your browser and walk away. Please. Thank-You

Here is my completed Earth and Sky by Stephen West, I participated in the knit-a-long and all that's left on this baby is to weave in a few ends and block it. The yarn is The Fibre Co.'s Canopy in Quetzal, Tanager, & Orchid.

Here are the socks that my Signature Needles have bewitched! They're still moving along, but the Mystery Shawl took over for a bit. My husband is really eager for them to be done, but it's been to hot to wear socks around the house lately anyway.

This is a Noro Striped Scarf, knit with Silk Garden Color 8, which has blues, greens, and purples. I started in two different colors and the stripes should go through all of the alternating all the way! This will be my Christmas gift for my Grandmother, I'm trying to get them all done early this year as you can see!

I've been dying to try SpillyJane's Mitten patterns for a while and this one especially. I wanted to make these last Christmas for my mother, but it wasn't in the cards, so this year she should be delighted with them! I'm having great fun, and every time I start the next row I cheerfully nudge my husband and show him the next bit of gnome-anatomy and wait for praise. ("Look! The beard!" "Wait, Eyes!!!" "Hey! There's the Hat!!")

Last of all, I got sucked in. Perhaps you've heard of the new knitting craze? The Beekeeper's Quilt. Hundreds of hexagon-shaped puffs, or 'Hexipuffs', knit over an extended period of time, stuffed, then quilt-tied together in to a ready-to-use quilt! Each one gives you the gratification of finishing something, and let me tell you, it's addicting. I can share a few with you every Friday, until you are sick of them too, hehe.

If any of my reader's are interested in mini-skein or puff swaps, let me know in the comments and we can get something going!

So like I said, I've been quiet, but I have a LOT to show for it eh?

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  1. Lots of progress indeed! I just love the color choice of your Earth and Sky! Lovely.

    You know I'm in for trading mini hanks or "Honeycombpuffs" (I like the sound of that better than Hexipuffs).

    While I ride out the hurricane, I plan to make up some mini hanks for you and Knitxcore.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. oh my gawd! you are an animal. that shawl is crazy!

  3. Oh my GOSH I might need the details for that gnome pattern...I just got a book of fairisle christmas balls, and I think those guys would ROCK OUT an ornament! Also, apparently I had an account here, I've just never done anything with it. :) BTW, I'm the crazy chick from the LUSH interview who LOVED your rainbow knit neck...scarf? thing.