Thursday, July 28, 2011

Safe Harbor

Well, we arrived more than a week ago, but with all of the assembly, unpacking, and situating that had to take place initially and again when the movers got here two days ago, I believe my absence is excused. I don't have a lot prepared for you today but I want you to see a few selected pictures from the house. These are pretty much empty rooms and I'm hoping to share with you their gradual building to living spaces.

Our kitchen has a lot of cute little features like a built in dish-soap-dispenser!

On the opposite side is our door to the patio.

I'm so excited to make this my craft nook! I got the go-ahead from my hunny, so I'm golden!
I can't wait to get an outdoor canopy and put some seating under it out here, and plants!
Our little path to the front lawn.
Our Living Room, I was nervous about that alcove above the fireplace but I'll show you how I made it useful in another post!
This caught me off-guard at first, but I quickly realized my son will utilize this shelf loads so he inherited this bedroom on our second floor!
At the end of the counter is his sink and the door to their Jack and Jill Bathroom. This works well because he's potty-trained and I can leave his door open at night and close my daughters' so he doesn't disturb her.
The kids' bathroom!
And my daughter's room! Wait until you see her decor in the future!
As you can see, she is absolutely thrilled with it!
At first we were a little taken aback by it's interesting angles and room layouts but as we've spent time here, it feels like home. The kids are enamored with our "new white house" and while my daughter is not keen on having her own room yet, my son is over the moon!


  1. Wow, Applesin! Looks like you really scored. It looks like a very well kept place. I'm so jealous of your fireplace.

  2. your backyard is the best! and i love all that shleving! guess you didn't do too bad for never seeing the place, haha. congrats!

  3. ooh, I love houses with interesting angles!

    We moved when I was eight years old, and when I saw the swinging western doors leading to the basement, I wanted nothing but to run in and out of them repeatedly - which I did... It was a bit of a disappointment, actually.