Saturday, July 30, 2011

Project Runway Recap

I've been wanting to try this for a while and since some of my girlfriends and I are having a weekly discussion anyway, I want to share with all of you. My notes are in shorthand so this will be more list format than continuous thought~

First Impressions

'Old Man' = Bert : I like his story, he seems genuine.

Bryce: Portland? Awesome! I'll rally for him AND I like his initial rack.

(Heidi, I will knit you that guy's scarf, leave him alone!! Haha)

'Blue Hair' = Becky : Oh my goodness! I love her stuff, it has that clean feminine vintage touch that I'm really into!!

Josh C: I kind of like his rack, his stuff has the teeniest avant garde flare to it, I hope he brings that out more

Anya: 4 months of sewing? No way, you have to be scrounging for that underdog rallying. PR doesn't work out? at least she won't be a no-name cast-off...

Rafael: His garments are too clingy. That isn't sexy, it's skanky... Wasting time in the workroom, conceited. Too busy worrying about his appearance instead of his performance.

Joshua M: Dude, you're a little greasy, take a shower... please.

Cecelia: Why are you here? You're kind of bland... boring...

Runway Time

Laura: I Dream of Jeannie much?

Becky: Clean, love the darts at the waistline!

Julie: Ouch, I kind of feel bad for you in this challenge, with what you had to work with anyway.. That zipper slapped on the thigh? What was that about?

Kimberly: Really neat and clean

Anthony: Love how the teal and the stripes and the lace all worked together!

Rafael: Oh boy... That poor model, she had a camel toe, the pants made her look 4 sizes bigger than she is, love the "fashion backwards" comment!

Bert: Totally pulled off the dress, now flip through a VOGUE or two to get up to date on hair and makeup these days hun. Don't let that be your undoing.

Josh C: Poor construction but I loved the hood!!

Cecelia: that skirt looked like a giant wedgie.. ugh!

I'm happy Rafael went home, I'm really loving a few people this season. I hope the challenges are awesome too!!


  1. I didn't know you were a fellow project runway junkie!! Do you read Tom and Lorenzo's PR blog? It is fab.

  2. hahah. i missed it! must.catch.up.