Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Dead, Just Tired

This low-tech post is coming to you from Interstate 80 Westbound! The wonders of technology, right? We are currently on our fourth day of driving and coming up on the state line dividing Wyoming and Utah. We'll pass through Salt Lake city, then take Interstate 84 North towards Idaho and then Oregon!

We left New Jersey Friday evening, (the movers were delayed which held us up for the better part of the day), and have stopped in Clearfield PA, Clearville IA, and last night Rawlins WY. If all goes well we should be in Oregon tonight but may not get the keys to our new home until tomorrow.

Hope everyone's weekend was as adventurous as mine!

- Jaqi

Location:United States


  1. I'm tired just reading about all that driving! Hang in there.

  2. almost there!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!!!

  3. HUGS. I think you took our mojo with you. Everyone was sad back in Jersey tonight.