Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I went to get an estimate for my first tattoo. I've been legally able to get one without my parents permission for a while, but didn't want to rush into anything I might regret (Wisdom far beyond my years).

It started with an idea to incorporate my love of knitting and crochet.

Then my husband started thinking, brainstorming ideas for own of his own. He elected for a Nautical Compass with some personal details to it. A tribute to his family and the opportunity his service is giving us. So The nautical theme crept into my work as well.

The placement will be down my right side, for discretion, starting below my armpit on my ribs and ending near my hip. I know, the ribs are supposed to be super-painful, but I'm not that worried. My aversion to needles has done wonders for my tolerance for pain. (e.g. No epidural and two very long labors for cute babies)

There will be a Pin up girl at the bottom knitting the ends together, wearing a combination cover (Traditional Coastie Uniform Hat). I'm still trying to figure out how to position her though..

It's a work in progress, after getting my quote I just want to have the whole sketch complete before I go back. The artist I saw today gave me some pointers and guidelines I have a better idea of how to do it.

Coming Up
  • More from my trip to California
  • Making the most of Ikea
  • Pattern Review: The Darcy Shawlette
  • WIP's : What's on the needles. 
~Jaqi xoxo


  1. i can't wait to see this all finished!!!!!

  2. I got one a few years ago. I knew I wanted one but it took a while to decide what I wanted. Then I decided if I couldn't think of anything maybe I didn't need one. But finally I decided and I have a ball of yarn with needles through it on my hip. I told my kids if I ever have to have my hip replaced to make sure they don't mess it up! ha ha Good luck!