Monday, July 4, 2011


Last night we did something pretty special as a family. We're trying to keep a full schedule for out last two weeks in NJ. So we drove down to Cape May, NJ to the Training Center for the Coast Guard.

This is the only basic training facility for the Coast Guard. It is the same the my husband spent his eight weeks in and it was neat seeing him back there. The Sunset Parade is an event that is open to the public. It happens three times a year and is a small showcase of traditional Coast Guard formations and close order drill.

One of the highlights was the Recruit Drill Team performances. The Coast Guard is the only branch that has a drill team composed of only recruits. They usually perform for graduations and these parades. So unless you have a loved one who will be completing Basic Training or have the opportunity to attend a Sunset Parade, I have a treat for you~

There was other fanfare. They performed the National Anthem (which was a tearjerker because it's the first occasion that I've witnessed my fresh husband salute our flag out of uniform), There was a cannon fired, there was marching, salutes, and all around a lot of pride. Pride in our country, our branch, and of our brethren.

Our kids loved it, my son is in love with the Coasties and my daughter loved being in her Daddy's arms.

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