Thursday, July 7, 2011


He's home! We've been busy, but not only reacquainting ourselves, but frantically packing for our move which is just over a WEEK away!! I could tell you how our move date has changed umpteen times, and how it has varied from the day after tomorrow to something in September, but I'll just tell you it's been a hassle.

So here is a short list of the ups and downs of being reunited

Pro: There's someone to cuddle with at night
Con: There's another body in the bed so I have to sleep differently and my back and shoulder hurt from new sleep position.

Pro: There's someone to help with chores like cleaning the bathroom.
Con: I can't count on the fact that things (like my favorite towel) will be left where I put them (The bathroom). This is especially frustrating when you're fresh out of a shower dripping wet and cold.

Pro: There is someone else to drive to simple errands so I can knit and ride.
Con: There is someone else using the car with their own set of things they'd like to accomplish.

Pro: I have a chef to cook excellent dinners.
Pro: He does his own dishes.
Pro: He loves doing both.
Con: There really is none here, I'm a very lucky girl!

It's short and really all of it is endearing, I'm readjusting and quite thrilled to have to do it. Now if only the moving company would get their ducks in a row and stop giving me migraines.

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