Saturday, July 30, 2011

Project Runway Recap

I've been wanting to try this for a while and since some of my girlfriends and I are having a weekly discussion anyway, I want to share with all of you. My notes are in shorthand so this will be more list format than continuous thought~

First Impressions

'Old Man' = Bert : I like his story, he seems genuine.

Bryce: Portland? Awesome! I'll rally for him AND I like his initial rack.

(Heidi, I will knit you that guy's scarf, leave him alone!! Haha)

'Blue Hair' = Becky : Oh my goodness! I love her stuff, it has that clean feminine vintage touch that I'm really into!!

Josh C: I kind of like his rack, his stuff has the teeniest avant garde flare to it, I hope he brings that out more

Anya: 4 months of sewing? No way, you have to be scrounging for that underdog rallying. PR doesn't work out? at least she won't be a no-name cast-off...

Rafael: His garments are too clingy. That isn't sexy, it's skanky... Wasting time in the workroom, conceited. Too busy worrying about his appearance instead of his performance.

Joshua M: Dude, you're a little greasy, take a shower... please.

Cecelia: Why are you here? You're kind of bland... boring...

Runway Time

Laura: I Dream of Jeannie much?

Becky: Clean, love the darts at the waistline!

Julie: Ouch, I kind of feel bad for you in this challenge, with what you had to work with anyway.. That zipper slapped on the thigh? What was that about?

Kimberly: Really neat and clean

Anthony: Love how the teal and the stripes and the lace all worked together!

Rafael: Oh boy... That poor model, she had a camel toe, the pants made her look 4 sizes bigger than she is, love the "fashion backwards" comment!

Bert: Totally pulled off the dress, now flip through a VOGUE or two to get up to date on hair and makeup these days hun. Don't let that be your undoing.

Josh C: Poor construction but I loved the hood!!

Cecelia: that skirt looked like a giant wedgie.. ugh!

I'm happy Rafael went home, I'm really loving a few people this season. I hope the challenges are awesome too!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

F.O. Friday!

It's been a whirlwind of a week, but somewhere in there I managed to finish two projects!

I wrapped up my Transatlantic by Stephen West in flashy colors for one. 

I'd casted this on on my original move date in NJ and then proceeded to work on it as we drove from state to state until we reached our new home in Vancouver Washington, binding off the last stitches about an hour before the moving truck arrived with our things.

I also casted on a quick Professor's Scarf for my husband out of Coast Guard colored ArtYarn which I was able to finish in a day.

I got the yarn from Tammy over at PuNkRaWkPuRL and it was yummy! (The picture belongs to her too) Any way, that quickly morphed into this:

And that made my Sailor very Happy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Safe Harbor

Well, we arrived more than a week ago, but with all of the assembly, unpacking, and situating that had to take place initially and again when the movers got here two days ago, I believe my absence is excused. I don't have a lot prepared for you today but I want you to see a few selected pictures from the house. These are pretty much empty rooms and I'm hoping to share with you their gradual building to living spaces.

Our kitchen has a lot of cute little features like a built in dish-soap-dispenser!

On the opposite side is our door to the patio.

I'm so excited to make this my craft nook! I got the go-ahead from my hunny, so I'm golden!
I can't wait to get an outdoor canopy and put some seating under it out here, and plants!
Our little path to the front lawn.
Our Living Room, I was nervous about that alcove above the fireplace but I'll show you how I made it useful in another post!
This caught me off-guard at first, but I quickly realized my son will utilize this shelf loads so he inherited this bedroom on our second floor!
At the end of the counter is his sink and the door to their Jack and Jill Bathroom. This works well because he's potty-trained and I can leave his door open at night and close my daughters' so he doesn't disturb her.
The kids' bathroom!
And my daughter's room! Wait until you see her decor in the future!
As you can see, she is absolutely thrilled with it!
At first we were a little taken aback by it's interesting angles and room layouts but as we've spent time here, it feels like home. The kids are enamored with our "new white house" and while my daughter is not keen on having her own room yet, my son is over the moon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Dead, Just Tired

This low-tech post is coming to you from Interstate 80 Westbound! The wonders of technology, right? We are currently on our fourth day of driving and coming up on the state line dividing Wyoming and Utah. We'll pass through Salt Lake city, then take Interstate 84 North towards Idaho and then Oregon!

We left New Jersey Friday evening, (the movers were delayed which held us up for the better part of the day), and have stopped in Clearfield PA, Clearville IA, and last night Rawlins WY. If all goes well we should be in Oregon tonight but may not get the keys to our new home until tomorrow.

Hope everyone's weekend was as adventurous as mine!

- Jaqi

Location:United States

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

California Love

As promised I have more beautiful images from my trip to California to share!

These are the gardens in front of The Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, in person, it's literally breath-taking.

Me and a stuffed baby giraffe. I think we're about the same height.
The Academy is unique in that it is part Natural History Museum, part Aquarium, part Botanical Garden, and even has Innovative Thinking displays.

It would have been a great place to take the kids, but my husband and I enjoyed wandering it together on a date as well!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashionista: Hair

A few weeks back (two maybe?) Knitxcore linked a great hair tutorial to me that I've been itching to try! Katie at Skunkboy Creatures is another adorable redhead and I lover her ideas! This tut was fun, simple, and exactly what I needed today to beat the summer heat and still look cute. I've been doing way too many messy ponytails lately so this was a refreshing change.

My darling little co-star here is 'Shipmate'. He belongs to my Mama and he is a little sweetheart. I've never met such a friendly rabbit.

Instead of the lace, I opted for some 50's Floral I had from a gift. I like it just as much.

If you love this, want an easy/cute/quick hairstyle, or want to just see how adorable Katie is for yourself, you can check out the link to this tutorial here. Go. Go now. Really, it's worth it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I went to get an estimate for my first tattoo. I've been legally able to get one without my parents permission for a while, but didn't want to rush into anything I might regret (Wisdom far beyond my years).

It started with an idea to incorporate my love of knitting and crochet.

Then my husband started thinking, brainstorming ideas for own of his own. He elected for a Nautical Compass with some personal details to it. A tribute to his family and the opportunity his service is giving us. So The nautical theme crept into my work as well.

The placement will be down my right side, for discretion, starting below my armpit on my ribs and ending near my hip. I know, the ribs are supposed to be super-painful, but I'm not that worried. My aversion to needles has done wonders for my tolerance for pain. (e.g. No epidural and two very long labors for cute babies)

There will be a Pin up girl at the bottom knitting the ends together, wearing a combination cover (Traditional Coastie Uniform Hat). I'm still trying to figure out how to position her though..

It's a work in progress, after getting my quote I just want to have the whole sketch complete before I go back. The artist I saw today gave me some pointers and guidelines I have a better idea of how to do it.

Coming Up
  • More from my trip to California
  • Making the most of Ikea
  • Pattern Review: The Darcy Shawlette
  • WIP's : What's on the needles. 
~Jaqi xoxo

Thursday, July 7, 2011


He's home! We've been busy, but not only reacquainting ourselves, but frantically packing for our move which is just over a WEEK away!! I could tell you how our move date has changed umpteen times, and how it has varied from the day after tomorrow to something in September, but I'll just tell you it's been a hassle.

So here is a short list of the ups and downs of being reunited

Pro: There's someone to cuddle with at night
Con: There's another body in the bed so I have to sleep differently and my back and shoulder hurt from new sleep position.

Pro: There's someone to help with chores like cleaning the bathroom.
Con: I can't count on the fact that things (like my favorite towel) will be left where I put them (The bathroom). This is especially frustrating when you're fresh out of a shower dripping wet and cold.

Pro: There is someone else to drive to simple errands so I can knit and ride.
Con: There is someone else using the car with their own set of things they'd like to accomplish.

Pro: I have a chef to cook excellent dinners.
Pro: He does his own dishes.
Pro: He loves doing both.
Con: There really is none here, I'm a very lucky girl!

It's short and really all of it is endearing, I'm readjusting and quite thrilled to have to do it. Now if only the moving company would get their ducks in a row and stop giving me migraines.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Last night we did something pretty special as a family. We're trying to keep a full schedule for out last two weeks in NJ. So we drove down to Cape May, NJ to the Training Center for the Coast Guard.

This is the only basic training facility for the Coast Guard. It is the same the my husband spent his eight weeks in and it was neat seeing him back there. The Sunset Parade is an event that is open to the public. It happens three times a year and is a small showcase of traditional Coast Guard formations and close order drill.

One of the highlights was the Recruit Drill Team performances. The Coast Guard is the only branch that has a drill team composed of only recruits. They usually perform for graduations and these parades. So unless you have a loved one who will be completing Basic Training or have the opportunity to attend a Sunset Parade, I have a treat for you~

There was other fanfare. They performed the National Anthem (which was a tearjerker because it's the first occasion that I've witnessed my fresh husband salute our flag out of uniform), There was a cannon fired, there was marching, salutes, and all around a lot of pride. Pride in our country, our branch, and of our brethren.

Our kids loved it, my son is in love with the Coasties and my daughter loved being in her Daddy's arms.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

In between birthday festivities, (My dad and I are a mere day apart) I have time for a brief post. I want to say thank-you for the birthday wishes from my readers, they mean the world to me. I had a wonderful day, my husband is home, my kids are overjoyed and I'm feeling very blessed.

I enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, but today is far more bleak. We are hoping it clears up before tonight because we are attending a "Sunset Parade" at our local Coast Guard base (the one my husband graduated from coincidentally). My son adores the marching so it will be a treat for him especially. I for one feel exceptionally patriotic when in such company so it's a great way to kick off the holiday festivities in my opinion~

Happy July Fourth!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Jaqi

Tomorrow is my birthday! This year all I've asked for is the day off, but I thought it would still be fun to make a wishlist to share with you. Some are practical, some whimsical, but it''s not likely I'll be getting anything off of it, so it's just for fun~

KitchenAid Mixer

I've been wanting one of these mixers for years. My mother has had hers forever and all of my memories of Christmas Cookies and Birthday Cakes include it. Now that KichenAid makes them in fun colors, the Apple Green would look great in my teal blue and apple green (my wedding colors) kitchen!

Restoration Hardware Bath Sheets

As I've previously posted I used to work at Restoration Hardware. My first, indulgent purchase with my Employee Discount was a pair of Clearance Bath Sheets. For a college student, it was frivolous, but who was I to deny love at first sight. One of these towels still hangs in my bathroom and they are my favorite in the world. A little smaller than a blanket, more absorbent than any towel I've ever used I LOVE these! So of course, I need a new set for my new bathroom~
Brother Innov-is 950D

I want a new sewing machine, I like embroidery, my munchkins like Disney (let's be honest, I like Disney A LOT too). This seems like a match made in heaven. I would love to start sewing more of my own garments and household items. Maybe even make some things to put up on Etsy, that would be neat!

Giant Bicycle- Simple Three W

I'm moving to Portland, Oregon. A very earthy, artsy, natural part of the country. I want to stay in shape, and I miss riding my bike as a teenager. This seems like a match made in heaven! And it looks like I could comfortably ride it a mid-length skirt! I l-o-v-e it!! See? Not all of my wishlist are for the home, hehe.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Well, this one has been on this list every year since I was about 15 years old. I adore Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are cuddly, docile, loyal, and sweet. Now that I'm a mother, they have the added draw of being incredible with kids. On my vacation to San Francisco I met a sweetheart in a mall, he licked my cheek but didn't jump, he was just as sweet as could be. Sadly, our new home comes with a strict no-pets policy so this will probably stay a 'wish' for a few more years at least. Still, she's cute isn't she?

Thanks for looking! I'm off to find some cake~