Monday, June 20, 2011


And I almost shut down my computer...

My darling friend Robbie a.k.a. KnitXCore won the Liebster Blog Award! I was so happy for him! I had to leave him a comment before I hit the hay, I couldn't let it wait until morning. He is my friend afterall! Well, being new to blogging, I was quite stunned when I read about how it worked (nominating three small-time blogs in a pay-it-forward manner) and even more stunned when I saw my picture! Not going to lie- I squealed!

And in the spirit of the Liebster Blog Award I Nominate:

Will a.k.a. WillyG @ Strings-N-Stuff. Will is what I wish I were. He is able to churn out beautiful knitting projects in no time flat. He goes to festivals, retreats, even teaches the occasional class (!) and is kind enough to photograph his journeys in a light-hearted way for all of us at home. I'm lucky enough to call Will one of my dear friends in my Knitting Circle and his blog is delightful to read!

Cleo @ Twee & Honey. I admit, I bite my nails. But I love to indulge my girlie side and Live vicariously through Cleo! She comes up with the most amazing combinations and her splashes of color never fail to disappoint!
 And Knitrageous! Her blog is a dash of knitting, a sprinkle of cooking, and a lot about life. Her writing style is easy to read and draws you right in, and it's really easy to make that human connection that we're all reading blogs for anyway!

Now I know all of my friends read the description so you know- Nominate 3 small (under 300 readers) blogs and Pay it Forward~


  1. wait! what? wow! thank you so much! i am so surprised i don't even know what to say right now LOL!

  2. Thank you! I am really flattered that you thought enough to nominate my blog! I will definitely pass the award along! Thanks again.

  3. you deserve it! things are looking good over here!