Monday, June 27, 2011

Lesson Learned: Grocery Shopping

Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. Really. I know this. And yet...

I had to go to pick up my daughters' films for an appointment on Thursday, so my mom watched the kids and in exchange I went to pick up my list of 6 items we needed. So six items.

Apple Juice
Tin foil
Trash Bags
Ground Beef
Cheese Curls (My mom's weakness)

See? Six items, seemingly random. Get in, get out, get home.

I should have eaten breakfast. I made a list, under no circumstances would I divert from my list. Go to the designated aisles, grab the goods and check out.

I had all of my items in the cart when I remembered we were low on lunchmeat, so  I called Mom.
"Which deli meats do we need?" I asked.
"Well, we're out of everything, so all of it. And there's one slice of cheese left, better get that, too." She replied.

On my way towards the lunchmeat I started do go astray.

Cheese Waffies, A rarity of the chip aisle. I grab these up whenever they appear for fear they won't be re-stocked. In our house, my mom and I barter to each other with these. They are currency. My husband thinks they're obscene with how fake the cheese is. I don't care, I don't have to share with him.

Chocolate Chip cookies. I already had a cheesy snack, but what if I really wanted something chocolate-y? Better safe than sorry...

It was still only 11AM and both of my snacks were more "afternoon/evening delicacies". Apple Turnovers would be more appropriate... (Box is empty because these were consumed by everyone within 30 minutes of getting home).

Walking back towards the front of the store to the register I spotted this. I'd heard wonderful things from my friend Julia about this product, and my daughter being allergic to peanuts, I want to try it and see if it's a suitable substitution for our family. 

Okay, this I can explain, really I can. My kids have been keeping each other up at night, meaning I'm up at night, and yet still getting up offensively early. I'm tired, I don't drink coffee, and right now this was looking like water in the Sahara. Really.

This was the cherry on top. Waiting in line, after several price checks courtesy the woman ahead of me, not caring to read gossip rags, I perused this. Hungry?

Don't look at a cooking magazine. Don't look at a "Less than 15 Minute" cooking magazine. Don't look at a "5 Ingredient" cooking magazine. You WILL buy it. 

Look at that salmon. 
I can cook it in 15 minutes.
With 5 ingredients.


  1. My favorite is to go to the grocery store while hungry, and then have a meal of samples, lol

  2. Oh, I've done this many times! Dash in for milk and come out with a basketful!

  3. Yep, I've done this same shopping trip as well, right down to the cookbook at the end! All my best recipes come from my "check out counter cookbook" collection.

  4. haha, you are out of control. what are these cheese waffles things? they make me feel nervous.

  5. Ah I'm exactly the same! My shopping trolley always doubles up before I get to the checkout.
    Magazines should not be allowed to be located by check out, I often fall prey to the pressure of the glossy covers staring at me ;o)