Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday I posted about my husband's homecoming, and KnitXcore commented about advent calenders for this sort of occasion.

I winged it for my son (my daughter is still too small to get it). A few weeks ago we made this:
And yes, you ARE seeing a very poorly drawn Mac (from Cars), School Bus, and Tow Truck. As I wrote the  numbers my son insisted I add those. Each morning we cross another number off and count up to it. It's not fancy, but I've been making little versions of this since I was a kid. I do so much better with a visual reminder of the days that have already passed.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, on Tatertots & Jello I saw this:
It's far prettier, and next time my husband has to be away I'll be using the free printable + Paper Chain that they have generously provided over at Computer Is My Craft.  You can see the feature on Tatertots&Jello here.


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  2. Very cute, I love countdowns! I always have at least one above my desk

  3. there's something gratifying about crossing off those numbers!